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It’s NOT something you have to live with! Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI is INCREDIBLY common in women. 1 in 3 women deal with it. While it is common it is not our standard and we refuse to call it the new normal. Whether you are an athlete or a mother the ability to laugh, exercise, cough, run, or sneeze without worry is yours. Face Forwards founder and owner, Morgan Griffin, opened up on the subject. With 3 children and age she began to deal with SUI. It was something she had to constantly consider, taking measures daily to prepare herself for leaking. She had tried everything short of surgery when she found Viveve. Once treated Morgan saw MAJOR                                                         

improvements and she knew immediately this was something Face Forward had to offer its ladies. Confidence is so important to us here at FF. Naturally that brings us into women's health, we want you to look and FEEL your best. Live without the fear of leaking, you deserve it! Want to hear more about Viveve? Click on the video to hear Morgan discuss the procedure with a patient. You don't want to miss it!

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Viveve is non-invasive, painless, has no downtime, and it’s comfortable considering it is an intimate procedure. 
The Viveve® System is a dual-energy platform device. It incorporates Cryogen-cooled Monopolar Radiofrequency

technology (CMRF) to uniformly deliver

volumetric heating while gently cooling

surface tissue to generate neocollagenesis

in a single in-office session. 

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We know... that is a lot to take in. In

English, Viveve uses radio-frequency,

a form of energy, to target the vaginal

tissue. The machine cools the tissue

while applying this energy to eliminate

discomfort from the radio-frequency. The tissue then begins to generate neocollagenesis which means that COLLAGEN, we know that one, is produced at a more rapid rate. The tissues of the vaginal region are very responsive and show results from this treatment immediately. The additional collagen causes the tissue to tighten and it is strengthened resulting in less pressure or “stress”. Results are immediate and reach their peak at 12 weeks. Want to see before & after images? WARNING: They are intimate photos, but show amazing results.  Click Here  to take a look.

You deserve to be comfortable and confident in yourself. At Face Forward we are always doing our best to bring you the procedures that will help you along this journey. Viveve is currently priced at $2000 and is an hour-long procedure. Premenopausal women will likely only need one session. Postmenopausal women could possibly need two sessions. If you are considering Viveve book a complimentary consult with us. We can talk it through and see if the procedure is right for you!

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